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Mackerel: properties and benefits

Mackerel is one of the richest especially blue fish in omega-3 fatty acids. Specifically both EPA and DHA fats that are so beneficial when natural care nutritionally cardiovascular system.

Not surprisingly, oily fish can become an excellent and healthy food to join our weekly balanced diet, thanks mainly to their wide range of essential nutrients essential to the proper functioning of our body.

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Mackerel killed by panga

Gastronomy (15/7/2011 )

In order to give me the pleasure of eating fresh mackerel , last Saturday I did my usual route through the Liberty Market in Barcelona. There I could see live the strange situation that exists at the fish Hispanic day after day .

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Canned Tuna and crafstman. A responsible relationship

In recent weeks , which are beginning to be months , especially tuna and bluefin tuna (bluefin tuna- Thunnus thynnus - ( to know more Wikipedia ) is the subject of discussion and news. enough interest in the subject and shop around places that search engines throw us to realize that the canned tuna gives as Antena 3 titled its report published on 18 of this month, which tells us how far the current interest overfishing, while in the UK have made ​​a TV show about it. Highly critical ISSF manufacturers and which stands in English than in Spanish would become International Foundation for sustainability of food from the sea.

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The textile is to Chinese what the canner to Papuans

Already in the Bangkok conference, September 2010, ( full information here - EFE ) Spanish canning denounced unfair competition thai fishing industry , Filipino and Papuan.

A claim supported by the lack of regulation of most of the fishing boats and the lack of respect for the most basic environmental rules as biological strikes.

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