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 The picture is as follows : people with possible buy fish caught at sea easy to eat (hake , monkfish , tuna , wild sea bass , etc. ) at prices Cartier bracelet . Those with money will just opt for the hatchery (sea bass , sea bream, salmon) , they are more affordable and if you eat them with a stuffy nose not notice the fat metallic aftertaste to leave you in the mouth. And finally , less scrupulous people do not averse to perch fillets , panga and other outrages coming from some insipid quagmire of Vietnam or Africa .

Meanwhile, small and delicious fish that have spent a lifetime lying in a corner waiting for some kind soul will take pity on them and buy them. That if we are lucky and are , because in many fishmongers and not sell them. An exception usually anchovies , anchovies and sardines ... but more than one person from other parts of Spain told me that in their cities too hard to find .

All these fish are probably the most healthy fats not only beneficial in the case of the blues , but to maintain low rates of mercury and other junk to be down in the food chain . They are also more sustainable because they are not as vulnerable to exploitation as species of the first group . But anyway : it seems, almost nobody wants mackerel , herring , mackerel or blond . Before you accuse me of posh and finolis to make the big panga averse and prefer these minnows , clarified that it is not a question of money . They are cheap , while in many restaurants of rank not served by food considered poor. Luckily , some cooks have begun to reclaim the including them in his letters , but the shock wave does not seem to have reached the street.

I wonder what Mourinho : why? Well just think of a compelling reason : no time are lazy . Blue fish of which I speak have many thorns, and eating takes effort and a break we are not willing to take. One last tip: take five minutes and wipe with thorns a loin of mackerel or mackerel with tweezers. Broil steak alongside a panga . Align both with what you like best , and then compare . I assure you will not buy that thing named panty.

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