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While the problem is that the quality controls applied by the EU to Asian products are limited to the packaged product and not to the whole process, from capture through processing and packaging, as with European products. And it cannot be more Catholic than the Pope, and if you are , you have to be with all the consequences . If we support responsible environmental policy, do it with all its consequences, not hurting whom he respects. But maybe that answer at the end, and as always, consumer attitude, not a political stance.

The lack of control over the craft, about the whole process of canning, and the absence of a responsible environmental policy implies that tariffs on these products amounting to 24% of its value, but not useful for the coffers of EU, since labor and manufacturing costs thanks to low labor market regulation and industrial accounts for some 30 % less than Europeans.

Well, if already in the mentioned Conference foreshadowed the threat of Asian sector to all fishing and canning industry. The EU, of which Spain is the largest producer with 67 % canning puts the industry to the brink by the ratification of the interim association agreement with Papua New Guinea later this month of January 2011.

And this partnership agreement eliminates tariffs and rules of origin for all fisheries exports. Good thing is provisional because beforehand it seems that the first implication is that countries like Thailand, China , Vietnam , the Philippines and the U.S., taking advantage of tariff disarmament to introduce canned tuna at zero cost in the largest consumer of tuna world such as the European Union with 710,000 tons annually. All this without having posed a new threat to the species of tuna as swindled at present, since the elimination of the rule of origin certainly involves illegal practices and irresponsible, and even more if we consider that the government of Papua is the visible head of the refusal to any standard management or control of fishing.

And again is that we are more Catholic than the Pope, and dressed to undress one saint to another, since the agreement is motivated by promoting fisheries development of the Pacific who cannot, by themselves, develop their resources, just remember that these resources are limited , and definitely encourage depletion of the species.

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