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Euronews, the European TV channel, collected in the last year an interesting collection of news related to this species, the URL friendly let us know perfectly the title, here just a sample :

Do not go further back because it would be heavy. And so on with blogs denouncing the situation, economic impact of the case, or with curious initiatives like installing a tank on land that allows the breeding of the species. Not to mention environmentalists as ASANDA platforms , Ecologists in Action, WWF , Greenpeace , and many more .

When there's smoke .... It is clear that such an impact in the media must have a base, and that such an impact in such a short time is an alarm signal.

Red Tuna and listed Tuna but not only bluefin tuna, skipjack tuna - Katsuwonus pelamis - ( to know more Wikipedia ) species that produces Canning of Tarifa, also has its share . However, it is not an endangered species, although intensive capture can reach overexploitation. This species whose destiny is the can, is threatened by the overproduction, an issue that is at odds with artisanal production.

In the following article: Awareness with canned tuna, we can verify a overexploitation derived from a large production requirements can lead to the collapse of a species, and they usually end in misleading consumers and breach of regulations, such as the inclusion from two different species in the same tin cans existence of the same product in different species, the specification of the species not sold, etc. .

From Tarifa Canning calls for responsible production, based more on quality than quantity , on the qualities of the product, so its production still respecting the traditions and as I remember, the true traditions always respected the environment.

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