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  • Does the conservation process eliminate vitamins? 

      Quite the opposite! Preserves enable you to maintain vitamins, proteins and all the nutrients from the food. Moreover, the speed with which prepares the canned prevents many nutrients are lost.

  • Are canned preservatives?

      One of the advantages of canned fish in a tin, is that they do not require additives to keep food in perfect condition.

  • We dismiss the oil in which the tin fish is submerged?

      No. Quite the opposite. In it are concentrated much of the nutrients and vitamins, and it will provide a delicious flavor to the dish in which it is used.

  • Does canned preserves have expiration date?

     No. Many canned foods have "preferential use" date printed on tin. That means, that after that date, the preserve may lose taste, texture or appearance. But it does not entail risk.

  • Would long retain packaged foods canned its nutritions properties and their better taste?

     Five- year canned food keeps optimally qualities of taste and nutrition levels. Although they usually keep their vitamins and proteins for much longer.

  • If the tin is dented it means that food containing has spoiled?

     The food will remain in perfect condition provided hit has not damaged the surface of the tin to the extent thas this leak, breaking his seal. But never consume the contens of a can that has depressed center (out). in that case it must be returned unopened to the establishment where it was purchased.

  • Is it normnal that when you open the can hear whistle?

     Some cans are packaged to vacuum, and reopen themn escapes a light sound, something like "shshshshs". However, if this noise is more than a whisper, or open the content comes to spurt, maybe that it has spoiled.

  • Is the packaging recyclable?

     Of course. Steel tin is one of more recyclable and recycled packaging that exists. And also the cardboard box. Simply place them in the proper trash container.

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