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This is a very appropriate cold plate as a starter for the summer. The magazine called it "Express Frigate Mackerel Pate", which can be seen as corresponding to the speed with which you can prepare this dish.

Ingredients for four people:

      • 300 grams of goat cheese on loop.
      • 3 small cans (125/84 grams gross / net) or a medium size tin (408/218 grams gross / net) in olive oil frigate mackerel.
      • 1 lemon.
      • 1 lime.
      • 12 strands of chives.
      • 1 tablespoon curry.
      • Salt
      • White pepper.

We would not necessarily clarify that coverage should be canned mackerel olive oil, can be used as sunflower oil is not used more than the part that we fail to drain.

pate melva


We took in a bowl shredded frigate mackerel fillets, cheese that you previously undone, the juice of half a lemon, chive strands, curry, salt and pepper.

Mix with a fork until the ingredients have the look of a paste (pate), and tried the point of lemon, salt and pepper.

Serve in small bowls or crystal glasses with a slice of lime as a garnish and served with crusty bread, either fresh or roasted.

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