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As Fast Or Elaborate As You Like.

We all know that the lasagna is a dish of Italian origin, and as in any good dish , can adapt to the customs and culinary uses of other latitudes . We can say that the same thing happens to the wonderful Galician empanada.

Like all dishes made with scombroid is rich in Omega 3, although it must be said that cooking reduces its contribution tuna. But perhaps the best for canning recipes cuisine is its speed of preparation and the wide variety of shades that our imagination can bring.

These days, with the proliferation of convenience products, we can choose to buy it ready-made or ready- use components. Obviously the speed is incompatible with quality, but all depend on our priority, quality versus time and cost.

If we summarize the lasagna recipe we are talking about a rehash with a main ingredient , the original is beef in this variant is tuna , which serves filling the plates of pasta, and bathing in bechamel sauce and baked , gratin finally came with cheese. Sounds good, right?.

As is often the proportion of ingredients will depend on the number of diners and appetite and our taste for each ingredient.
If you are a cooker and you have time, better do it yourself , here we will include all the possibilities , we will explain how the bulk of what a tuna lasagna , add the bechamel sauce recipes , and even the plates of lasagna, two ingredients that can be found precooked easily , without the tomato sauce , a fish that is customary in our kitchens. And if we, until we can find precooked rehash . That way, we´ll find FASTEST VARIANT get that variant could also call educated , by the number of instructions that we will have to read:

    • Precooked rehash boat.
    • Plates of lasagna that can be to boil, to bathe in hot water or just for baking.
    • On or bechamel sauce boat.
    • Grated cheese.
    • Of course a few cans of tuna.

We will continue to rehash instructions precooked, better to use the microwave pan to add the tuna and cook it a little.
Then attend to the instructions of the lasagna noodles, once prepared extend in a first layer on a greased source, for this we can use the coverage oil canned tuna. On this layer add the fried with tuna, and put another layer of lasagna noodles. We can repeat the operation many times as we want, we do not spend either. Finalized covering with a layer of boards.

Now we read the instructions on the bechamel sauce , prepared once use to bathe the lasagna , sprinkle shredded cheese , and baked at 180 ºthat for a half kilo lasagna come to be 15 minutes. Finally gratin until the cheese is made ​​in conjunction with a crust bechamel sauce.

If we can spend a little more time, we have REGULAR VARIANT, in this case as we only use the pre-cooked lasagna noodles, we will remake ourselves using canned tomato sauce and bechamel sauce. Obviously in this case it opens up a world of possibilities and creativity in terms of possibilities of personal touches rehash and bechamel sauce.

The basic rehash usually contains onions and green peppers, but you can add garlic, mushrooms, even vegetables that provide soft textures and flavors like zucchini. The remake is salpimenta , but we can also add chopped parsley, for example.

As is standard refry garlic first ( if we decided to include it ) , and then the onion and pepper . We can use the oil for rehashing preserves with what will heighten the flavor of the tuna, but watch this. When the vegetables are canned white beans add the tuna, mix well, and when well mixed, add the tomato sauce , heat it and stir well for a perfect mix. We left a few minutes, not many, enough to warm the tomato well, almost comes to the boil.

In the source put the first layer oiled plate and cover with fried , put another layer and cover , and so on until the number of layers you want, add the last layer and bathe in bechamel sauce , sprinkle with cheese and baked and then broil.

The bechamel sauce will have done previously. The amount of this sauce gives us the amount of milk we use. The main ingredients are flour and milk, and the ratio is two tablespoons of flour for three quarters of a liter of milk.

To make 'll butter or margarine in a saucepan , when melted add the flour and mix well , we will be adding the milk gradually , stirring constantly , for a good bechamel cannot have lumps , do it over low heat. When you've added all the milk incorporate salt and black pepper, much better if freshly ground, but much better, and finally nutmeg, much better if you add it at the time . We'll let come to a boil and remove from heat.

This sauce made ​​from flour and milk allows corrections thick, add milk or flour, to make it more liquid or solid , but watch what spices are added because grants them a special touch.

Finally, and for the real experts , we come to the recipe for lasagna recipes , SIBARITA VARIANT , is that nothing is pre-cooked hand obviously takes time, but the result and variety of possibilities when we ourselves elaborate the Freca paste, is infinite.

In this case the rehash takes tomato sauce prepared by us , you may need the same time as the development of the plates, but only fire , and the lasagna noodles will do it ourselves , so we can add variants , based on recipes Freca as green pasta dough ( with spinach ) , pasta pink ( with tomato paste , concentrated no sauce ) , brown pasta ( with real cocoa ) , pasta with chestnut flour (Marrom clear color ) , black pasta ( with ink squid, which certainly gives an exquisite taste , etc.). Just shop around the internet looking for these recipes to get several variations, and the trick is to add an ingredient that gives the touch.

Let's start with the tomato sauce. A good tomato sauce, takes time and heat. The longer the cooking process less trick need to add sugar to neutralize the acidity. The trick is to evaporate all the water may have tomatoes. If we leave it too long, get the tomato paste than a sauce that is a kind of pasta.

In general, most speak fried tomato recipes to remove the skin and seeds, talk about a job probably excessive in relation to the outcome, because they already have much time of existence the food mill.

The relationship is that for every kilo of fresh tomatoes get about half a kilo of tomato sauce. So with this we can get a clear idea of ​​the amount of kilos you need.

We wash the tomatoes and cut into wedges, in a deep pan to avoid splashes that occurs when we cook, pour oil and tomatoes. Before putting the fire stir so that all the pieces are impregnated with oil. Now put the fire which in principle will be strong for the oil starts to boil, then down and add salt to taste, stir. We let the tomatoes pochen, it's time to squeeze them , getting a kind of tomato soup . It's time of waiting , go stirring occasionally to prevent sticking , but wait until the water evaporates, it will generally for each kilo of tomatoes need an hour or more.

The tomato will become more dense , more concentrated , ready state when passing a bucket to open a furrow take a few moments to close, the later , more concentrated , but neither should leave them much because when I go through the food mill still thicken more , and even more so when it cools.

When you go through the food mill, not beat it because the skin is left, initially fall more smoothly , and then the more concentrated will be left . Let's hurry either, because there is always the leaves of tomato food mill, and the thickest scrape because it sticks to the food mill ass.

Finally all collected in the bowl must remove to have a uniform consistency.

Usually we have our perfect tomato sauce. And while we have done the lasagna noodles as explained below.

To make the pasta for lasagna plates we need flour, eggs, warm water, some oil and salt. The proportion of flour and egg may be an egg per 130 grams of flour. Although we can change a whole egg for two egg yolks, though , still have to have the occasional whole egg in the recipe. It is also interesting to sift the flour.

Well , on a countertop wide will the flour like a crater , which is said by crown, in the center will eggs and / or yolks beaten , the splash of oil, and salt , and mix at first. It will also be the time to add the ingredient that gives a touch of color and flavor, to make dough green, pink, brown, etc. .

When we have a very sticky paste, add some warm water drippings, for easier handling, so we have to add a lot of water . After mixing the ingredients, we have to go to the kneading phase, the result should be a very smooth and homogeneous mass.

The dough wrap it in a cloth and let rest for half an hour to an hour, but we can leave up to two. Taking the mass into pieces go stretch out well , we can help handling dusting with some flour , once we have achieved the desired thickness will cut the pieces into rectangles , which let dry on a towel for a few minutes , about twenty minutes but less high temperatures.

Later have to cook in plenty of boiling water with a pinch of salt and a dash of oil. Firing, will be between 5 and 7 minutes depending on the thickness of the plates we have made ​​, in all cases should be al dente . When we remove the water, the best is to put them in cold water to stop the cooking and prevent sticking.

From here , we will do the same , put the plates in the source oiled , put the filling, we've done with rehashing that we add canned tuna , and now with our homemade tomato sauce , repeat the operation as many times as want, put the last coat of plates, bathed in bechamel sauce that also have done, add shredded cheese or mozzarella , baked and then grill . I'm sure it has to be a dish for lunch, dinner and any extra back for lunch the next day.

Allows a suggestion, try it with mackerel or frigate mackerel .

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