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hamburguesa atunThe word hamburger is associated with fast food, fast food we crave junk food. What would we think of a hamburger rich in Omega 3, safe and healthy, yet different and tasty. That's the tuna burger.

We will need canned tuna, no matter if it is in sunflower oil or olive oil, onion and garlic, egg, breadcrumbs, flour, oil maybe some of you have the same canned, salt and pepper if desired.

Open the can of tuna and put it to drain, collecting the oil that we use for refry the onion and garlic very fine that itch. We will refry until golden.

Aside and let drain this remake (refrying the onion and garlic will allow us not to have to cook the burger too much thus conserving the natural flavor and nutritional tuna).

We crumble the tuna, and mix it with the fried, bread crumbs and egg.  Just add salt. Knead and elaborate burgers with no less than an inch thick, nor more than two.

In the oil reserve of rehashing, we burgers making a return trip, but being browned.

The burger can serve as bread or burger accompanied by fitting the plate.

It is one of the best ways to get kids to eat fish. Sell ​​them as crispy hamburger their favorite cartoons.

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