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cogollos melva

We will need frigate mackerel canned, tomatoes, onion, salt, oil and vinegar. Vinegar much higher quality better. We can choose balsamic vinegars, or vinegars with tradition (Jerez, Chipiona, Chiclana, etc. ..)

We pluck clean buds and leaves. The let drain, and if at the time of preparing them are not completely dry, we´ll dry them gently with a clean cloth. As dry leaves dividing the buds we slice ​​frigate mackerel fillets, in thinner fillets. The frigate mackerel allows this division easier than mackerel and tuna, this is one of the differences in texture with respect to the other members of the family Scombridae, except for the pretty.

Oil canning,  especially if olive vinaigrette booked it for.

Cut the tomatoes into small cubes and chop the onion as thin and small as possible. Mix the two ingredients.

To file put the sheets in the tray to go to serve, add first flakes of mackerel and cover with the mixture of the diced tomato and onion. It is advisable to spray them with the vinaigrette just before serving to prevent the vegetables, especially buds leaves and tomato, is pochen.

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