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Although in recent years these have been preserved fish to take the place of deli, its long tradition of Southern cuisine is evident in our eating habits, while memories are memorialized in those snacks, or even in identifying the place of origin under way that preserves it is consumed.

Tuna, mackerel and frigate mackerel, despite their nuances, often complement the same dishes, giving each a distinct personality. So we can have a sandwich of tuna, mackerel or mackerel, or complement a potato or tomato dressing with any of the three, taking them as a lid on if, as elaborate cover, or used as the basis for hot recipes.

The fact that it is preserved is perhaps the most logical argument to justify this long tradition of Southern cuisine, as it allows storage over long periods of time and the possibility to consume at any time, and of course transport to remote areas the sea. Obviously, this would apply to any type of canned and any region, but it is precisely these varieties, tuna, mackerel and frigate, which identify the region, but not more, the Andalusian coast is rich in these varieties as well attested by the protected Geographical Indication awarded by the European Union, and the fact that the frigate is little known outside of Andalusia, despite being a variety of unique flavor and texture.

The Sandwich

Any of the three varieties allow you to enjoy a typical Spanish meals : the sandwich.

Many  Mackerel, tuna, or frigate mackerel sandwiches  my friends, at the beginning of this project reminisced those sandwiches or frigate mackerel with bread soaked in oil preserves itself , and better if olive . In Andalusia is very usual bread with olive oil  which was recently named Andalusian breakfast . Thus the Spanish snack , take a regionalist character , when its content  is mackerel , frigate tuna or even Cádiz Tuna , and the bread is sprinkled with oil retains coverage.

This form of consumption, plus quick and convenient , it is useful for children to eat fish. Mine´s love these snacks, which are sometimes tuna , and if you want they can add tomato sauce, but we must consider that added partly hide the flavor of the preserves . Do not recommend you do with brands like The Tarifeña , Marina Real, Piñero and Diaz , or Virgen del Carmen.

A variety of the sandwich is the "montadito " whose size is exactly a " sandwich " and not a sandwich . This minisandwich typical cover many parts of Andalusia , usually lightly toasted , is the flagship variety montadito or frigate mackerel, and if we speak of Seville , will be accompanied by one or more strips of red pepper preserves. The bread, in this case it is soaked in oil, is the oil itself or frigate mackerel which gives a touch , never be oily the montadito . One detail, light roasting is done once the montadito is prepared, with  the mackerel or frigate mackerel and if desired with pepper . So that we understand is a sandwich.

If the sandwich we remove the top, now we have what has been called couch, but it's always been a slice or toast. In this case the bread is toasted before, and then add the fillets of mackerel or frigate mackerel, we can also accompany it with pepper or slice with gazpacho, or both. This is a snack or even a meal as rich and easy to prepare.

The dressing on potatoes or potatoes Aliñas

papa alinada

The dressing is a typical summer cold dish , but as a starter can be a great first course or hors d'oeuvres accompany throughout the year.

Just as in the potato snacks dressings can use any of the three varieties to give a special touch.
The joke that a friend asks another : What is your favorite font ? .. La Cibeles , The Trevi Fountain , etc ... ? . The friend responds : My favorite source is the dressing potaoes.

And the ham is a pleasure, but a good source of seasoned potatoes, is a delicacy.

The dressing of potatoes (or potato salad as it is known in the north) has many varieties depending on the ingredients , but I particularly  like the one used as ingredients potatoes, onion, egg (cooked) , and in addition the frigate . Also fit ingredients like peppers , tomatoes , even the cucumber , and can also complement mackerel and tuna.

The trick is dressing in baking potatoes. The presentation of these segments is medium in size, so we can cook them whole with skin (very easy to peel later), or peeled, and cut. I prefer the latter, because it is easier to control the degree of cooking . Water also add a pinch of salt and a dash of vinegar , I take cooking the potatoes to cook eggs also , thus , with the vinegar , plus a touch of cooked potatoes , eggs were removed peel easily . The cooking time is critical, potatoes should be tender but whole. We will boil just enough so that it is hard, in a dressing potatoes category should never get even in its outer shell , so it is advisable or remove from heat before, or cool them quickly after , to turn heat cooking itself that stores a " hot potato ".

Once the potatoes have cooled onion will ducklings in hoops or strips, as is preferred, at this time we dress salt , vinegar and oil , in this order , and can take the oil coverage is retained if olive . The vinegar should not be dark, better if it is clear , because the dishes also tasted the eyes.

When we have potatoes and onions have seasoned and carefully mixed, add the egg sliced ​​or cut, and finish putting up all of frigate tuna steaks . Also fit mackerel, or tuna, but again, for my taste, is with the frigate when the most famous source of Andalusia , the dressing potato reaches the summit.

As for the amounts to be used, each decides what, but always remembering that we are talking about a salad dressing , not potato or onion frigate , so, the base and therefore the greater must be the potatoes , and the frigate complements the dressing , so it must be the least proportion ingredient is used. In my case, I also think it's great when we remove the egg towards a higher proportion of frigate mackerel.

The dressing tomato

tomate alinado
The perfect accompaniment to beer, or starter itself of the Mediterranean diet, high value in vitamins and with an important contribution of the famous omega-3 fatty acids.

If with the dressing potatoes my preference is the frigate mackerel, with the tomato is the mackerel, tuna fits also, but in this case I prefer the tomato is accompanied by fresh peppers and onions.

In my opinion, and I repeat this, in my opinion, the real marinated tomato consist of tomatoes, garlic and mackerel. But also fits variants. There is who does not use the garlic, and some people use oregano and as expected there who uses both. It´s a variant that I love, but by no means do not stop believing that the real is that which has no oregano.

It´s a simple dish´s a simple dish, only cutting needed sliced tomato meanwhile wide with a thickness less tha half a centimeter, chop the garlic as much as possible, spreads on the basis of the tomato slices, and season with salt, vinegar and oil. Above all we place the mackerel fillets. If the mackerel is in olive oil, we can tap it for the dressing.

Well, we did a review of the cuisine of the south, to its tradition, thanks to these preserves in addition to achieving the degree of delicatessen, are typical of a balanced, nutritious diet and flavored truth.

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