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-Ingredients for 2 persons:


 -1 Frigate Mackerel Tin

 -Half a kilo of mussels

 -A dozen of prawns

 -2 eggs

 -1 anchovies can

 -1 lemmon

 -Virgin Olive Oil

 -Black ground pepper


Boil macaroni in water until they are "al dente", salt it and take a little bit of olive oil. Boil the eggs.

While the eggs and the macaroni are cooked, we prepare the mussels (we clean and cook them in water with salt) and the prawns. Once mussels are cold, we throw away the shells and reserve the meat.

In a saucepan with previously saty water, we boil the prawns, peel and reserve them.

We drain the macaroni, add the mussels, the prawns, the frigate mackerel (draining its oil in macaroni), throw the lemmon juice and remove the whole set.

We place the eggs cut into parts, anchovies, add ground pepper and add olive oil.

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