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All our products are protected by the Regulatory Council of the Andalusian mackerel and frigate mackerel Protected Geographical Indications. This means they are subject to the guidelines of strict regulations and rigid checks that monitor not only the fish used and authorized (Scomber japonicus or  Scomber colias for mackerel and Auxis thazard or Auxis rochei for frigate mackerel), but also its production process and the finished product. Therefore, no chemicals, additives or preservatives are used in our production, and both the skinning and tinning of the fish is done manually, which makes it possible to keep the fish’s organoleptic characteristics intact.
This process guarantees that consumers obtain a top-quality product; proof of this is the use of the Certified Quality label granted by the Andalusian Regional Government. Furthermore, our products have been distinguished with a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) awarded by the European Union.

Industrial Conservera de Tarifa has the Industry Health Registration Number: 12.0015673/C

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